February 6, 2018



Q: Can I leave the festival grounds and come back?

A: In an effort to ensure our patron’s safety and efficiency of our entry operations, there is no in-and-out or re-entry permitted in the festival grounds. Please pack accordingly and take advantage of our festival locker program, charging stations.

Q: How long can my car be parked in the parking lot?

A: To ensure the safety and security of our patrons, no overnight sleeping or loitering in the parking lot will be permitted.

Q: What should I expect the weather to be like during the festival?

A: PMF Festival is a rain or shine event. No refunds will be issued should inclement weather occur. Weather can be unpredictable. Please keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly. As always, please be sure to listen to any updates from PMF staff regarding your safety.

Q: Will there be a lost and found?

A: Yes, Lost & Found will operate during festival hours and will be marked on your festival map.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: PMF is an all ages event.

Q: What are acceptable forms of Identification?

A: The following are acceptable forms of identification for access to and the purchasing of alcohol at PMF:

  • State-Issued Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Uniformed Services ID Card
  • Foreign Driver’s License
  • Expired Driver’s License + State-Issued Temporary [Paper] ID

Q: Will lockers be available?

A: Yes! Lockers are available for purchase at the festival to safely store your stuff and keep your cell phone powered up all night long. Lockers can also be purchased upon entry to the festival. Items left overnight will be turned into lost & found.

Q: Can I pass out flyers at PMF?

A: No, there is no unauthorized vending or solicitations anywhere on the Padre Music Festival property, including parking lots.

Q: Will Medical / First Aid be available?

A: We will have medical staff on-site for the entire duration of PMF. Upon arrival, please take note of the location of our clearly-marked medical tents should you need to stop by during the event. If you need medical assistance, contact the nearest security guard, staff member, volunteer, or medic, or go to one of the on-site medical tents. If you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency or not, assume it is and gets help immediately. All our safety and medical staff are here to help you enjoy the festival and make it home safely – no judgments.

Q: Can I Bring My Medication?

A: Yes, medications are allowed into the festival and campgrounds as long as they comply with the following:

  • No over-the-counter medication is permitted unless in unopened, factory-sealed packaging.
  • No vitamins or supplements of any kind are permitted.
  • Prescription Medication can only be brought into the festival ground with the following:
    • A valid photo ID (See the list of acceptable forms of identification);
    • Medication must be in the original prescription bottle, in-date, legible, with the name corresponding to photo ID;
    • Only one type of medication per bottle (matching the description printed on bottle);
    • Any prescription controlled substances may only be brought in quantities reasonable for your time at the festival.

Q: Will there be water bottle refill stations?

A: Yes, PMF has implemented water stations available inside the festival grounds.  Check your festival map for locations. There will also be water available for purchase at the bar.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: PMF has a strict no-pet policy, with exceptions only for service animals as specified by federal and state law. Due to large-scale service animal fraud and for the safety of our patrons, staff, and other service animals, all animals which do not meet the legal standards will not be allowed on the festival grounds. All service animals must be registered at the entrance gates. Please note, dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals by the ADA and will not be allowed into PMF. For more info, visit www.ada.gov.

Q: Is my camera allowed into the festival?

A: Small point and shoot cameras, GoPros, and other cameras without detachable lenses are allowed into the festival.

Q: Are there ATM’s located on the festival grounds?

A: Yes!  The Padre Music Festival will have multiple ATM’s located within the festival grounds and at the front gate entrance.  A service fee is charged per transaction.

Q: Does PMF offer Merchandise?

A: Yes! We will be offering official PMF apparel and merchandise along with a wide variety of other vendors as well.